Understanding the quantity and quality are both two things that intersect which approach to the content marketing; those are the advantages in improving digital marketing strategies.

Just call your memory back of the basic meaning of what content marketing is.


Content marketing is the strategies that people use to approach their customers through the digital. It’s focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent to promote their brand and business. The content marketing is used to encourage the customers’ action which is benefit for your brands and business. The goal of this way is to obtain the qualified prospects and leads.

How does one measure the quality of a content?

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There are many points that can be done to measure the quality of the content on your business website which can improve your target deals. It automatically improves your business improvement. Check these following explanations:

The Length of the Content

If you want to focus on your segmented customers, make the specific content for them. Based on what they are looking for. If it’s set as the highest rank on the Google searching, thus it should be more than 1.000 words. SEO really works here.

The Choice of Words and Readability

Choice of words, grammar, and spelling are really important, it shows your company’s credibility. The trust can be built on this point, where readability has its function in term of SEO.

The Content Layout

Attractive lay out for website is easy to invite the loyal visitors moreover with its unique and interesting content.

Social Share Button

Social media share button makes the customers or web visitors easier to spread your content. This way, your most loyal customers will be able to tell their colleagues and relatives about your brand through their own social media. Count it as a free promotional mean.

Call to Action (CTA) Button

The qualified content invites and directs the customers to take the decision soon, thus CAT button optimize it.

The Content Authenticity and Value of benefits

Content authentically determines the search ranking in SEO.

The value can be derived in a number of different ways, such as weather it solves the problem, it answers the customers’ question or it provides unique and expert insight.

Measure the Content Quality Frequently

Google Analytic is used to measure the content quality based on the benefits and the value. You analyze it and make the evaluation.

Understanding and applying these things to your website will surely help your visitors to obtain information more easily, thus helping them in the decision process of purchasing your product and services.

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