“Does your content lead readers on a journey, or does it merely stuff them as leads into a pipeline?” –Ann Handley

Multi purposes use of internet make people able to build and manage online business. Digital marketing has been supported by so many media. Social media activation maybe a solution to make common social media account become business account.


At first, social media developed to connect people. But then it become not only for friendship relation, but become so many kind relationship. Business is only one of them.

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To make social media as marketing tools, you must do social media activation. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be expert on this matter. You only need these five tips of social media activation. Check them out below!

Use Professional Name

Use only professional name for your account. Make it ease to remember so that your client easy to find and remember your products. This will also give client good thinking about you and your brand. Call it your personal branding.

Contents And Pictures

Contents are all what you post in your account. Make sure to post only things that has connection with your product, so it will be focused. Clients will easily remember your product it you consistent.

Make Your Account Trusted By Social Media Company

Some social media account require payment when you  use your account for business. Some will kick your account if you do this. So, make them sure about you by post not only advertisements, but also quotes or other useful tips.

No Spam, No Hoax

Spam could make you reported by your clients. From this report, social media company can kick you. Avoid this by good act. Also avoid to share hoax, even it viral. Some country has made regulation to avoid account that share hoax. Account owner could send to jail, too.

Make Market

Make your own market. You can do this by join groups that has interest connect to your product. Make sure to choose only the active ones. Search for the members who looks like consistently of talk or buy such kind of your products. They will become the target market. Make as many as friendship, but make sure not too much in a day. This will make social media company take an eye on you.

Make sure not to tag people when you post something. Some people don’t like it and will kick you with pleasure. Just change your post setting into public. This will help your posting appear in other’s timeline.

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Social media activation is not that hard. You can learn more by do it. Be focused, because this activation can increase your digital marketing. Interested in reading more about social media activation or digital marketing articles? Click here!