“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks. “ – Neil Patel

People make websites for many purpose, such as selling products, sharing information, and many more. What is the right way to do website design and website development to get a lot of visitors? Let’s find out below!


There are some steps to make a website famous. It does not always depend on well-known owner, but it’s usually depends on SEO (search engine optimization) as a part of website development and the website design. This article will only focus on the website design. This is not only for website designer, but also people who decide to develop website by their self. So here are the five steps of website design.

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Listen To Client’s Need

Some people unable to describe what they want about the website they’ll develop. Designer must ask what client want and the purpose of the website. You can ease this activity using a form (or online form). Get the most complex information to make you design the best website, based on client’s need.

Research To Collect Idea

Research can do by find websites that has similar type with client’s request. Use search engine to help you in this step. This will also predicts keyword that will very useful in SEO.

Make Sketch

Sketch can do like sketching for painting. Yes, with paper and pencil. This will be the guide before using application to create website prototype. Make sure to sketch all what the client wants here.

Wireframe And Style Tiles

Wireframe is the next step. It is the blueprint of the website. This blueprint will give description of visual structure. Describe where elements of the website will be placed. But in this step, don’t focus on the look. Just the position, the hierarchy, and the interaction of the elements. This guide may need times and a lot of experiments. Ask client to try the wireframe, so that they can get the best.

Web Prototype

When the elements’ position ready, it’s time to make the look of the website. Create website prototype using tools you like. You can use photoshop, proto.io, or other tools you like. Always contact clients to let them try your design, while they should prepare the contents.

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Website design is the first step before developing it. Make sure to design the best, because it will be the guide of the next steps. Suitable and good preparation will ease the next steps. Interested in knowing more about website design and development for your digital marketing strategy? Click here!