“The next horizon will be deep integration of the physical and interactive worlds. The future of online is offline.” – Cyriac Roeding

Digital marketing is a way to sell product by internet or simply it is called the online market. There are many tools that a company can use, such as social media, website, blog, or digital marketplaces. Every tools has it’s own rules. To make marketing effort reach the maximum rate, companies usually do digital marketing too.


Digital campaign is a plan to do something in order to get purposed results. For example, a company wants to sell X herbal soaps and introduce it as their newest product. To gain maximum respond and results, the company will have to make a corresponding digital campaign about skin care using herbs, to effectively boost the sales and the engagement of their product, X herbal soaps.

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This campaign will succeed and reach its purpose if in the end, people choose the X herbal soap to take care of their skin. It is clear that digital campaign have a close connection with digital marketing. How do you know that a digital campaign is effective? These are the four signs of it.

Easily Found

Campaign means to inform people about something. It will be better if the campaign makes people curious about the product that can be answered in the content of its campaign. It will be helpful if the product campaigned easily found in internet. This could be boosted by using search engine optimization (SEO).

First Of The List

In SEO, company manage keyword and website to make them become the first in the result list, or at least in the first page. This position usually become titled the page that most visited by searchers. This will make the product visible and maximize the effects of the product selling ability.

Low Budget But High Impact

Digital campaign doesn’t need literal trips to places by giving free samples. It doesn’t need banner and advertising cost such as in TV and radio. Some websites may ask for a paid advertisement, but the price is usually lower than common mass media. Plus, digital campaign can gain a lot of people in minutes.  

Brand Minded

A campaign will be successful if people understand and know about the message of the product campaigned. Very successful campaign can make people has brand minded, so they will remember your brand more than the others. So, make a creative and useful campaign to put interest in people, then resulting them in using your product for long time. This brand minded could be everlasting. Even if the product doesn’t exist anymore, people will still remember the product’s name and characters. It depends on the company, will it produce the product again or let it be a memorable history.

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Digital campaign with digital marketing is the perfect duo to fill one another to get the maximum selling. Interested in reading more articles alike? Click here!