“Be where the world is going.” – Beth Comstock

With the rapid and massive development of technology recently, many businesses are growing rapidly with the availability of supporting technology. One of them is through digital marketing. Internet itself has become the most important thing in doing business, especially in marketing or marketing system.



When doing digital marketing, there are some things or points that must be considered as follows:


At this stage, later defined context to be poured based on your product messages and services you provide, such as determining the problem until certain stakeholders have been involved. It can be said that this is the most important key in promoting services and products that will be delivered repeatedly so as to gain awareness from the public or audiences.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Content and social media must have the most important role in search results. Where many types of social media are now present in the community, require a brand to have as many social media as possible to reach customers with a wider coverage. However, the use of a lot of social media is obliged to be integrated, so there is no information that is overlapping. Therefore, it must ensure that each mutation is done by allowing each other to be mutually tied together to achieve maximum effectiveness.

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Related Products with Audiences

In this point commonly referred to as Embrace Relationship Marketing, where a brand or product must deal directly with customers. Where the brand must be able to build relationships well so remembering the potential customers or customers feel interested in the offer has been given. In this case, you must understand the customer’s wishes and be able to convince the customer with an easy-to-understand, memorable and promising delivery language.

Personalized Marketing

Usually marketing approach in television media and traditional media seems less effective because of the emergence of media saturation. For that, you must personalize marketing in e-commerce sites, websites and emails that correspond to user interfaces and advertisements for the benefit of customers or consumers in a relevant way. In this digital marketing strategy point, of course more effective marketing your products or services that you offer.

Above are processes that are interconnected with each other. Apply them, and your brand surely will obtain more customers.

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