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These days, internet is a necessity especially for brands who intend to generate or even increase their sales through promotional activities digitally. With the help of our talented experts in digital marketing, we can make your brand’s online presence a real excitement for your audience. We offer various digital activation services including Website Development & Maintenance, Social Media Management, Digital Media Placement, and Search Engine Optimization.

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Understanding Facebook Ad Placement and What it Does

“To make Facebook ads convert well, companies will focus on their conversion rates by running promotions, discounts and special deals to Facebook users in order to get better returns on the campaign. Part of it is also targeting the right people at the right time.” – Unknown Facebook becomes the giant of social media, because…

Why Website is Important for B2B Companies

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” ― Paul Cookson Branding is known by society is the top target in improving your business. The easiest tool to make it true is digital marketing. Digital world changes every second, there will be always a new content posted to the internet every moment. Thus, we as…

Social Media Marketing Using Facebook Live?

“Facebook Fan Pages are email newsletters with smaller pictures.” – Jay Baer Business owner begin to realize that social media is one of the most effective ways to advertise your brand as social media advancement. Social media become a part of the people’s daily lives today. Thus, the marketers must know how to make it…

A Successful Digital Campaign Strategy For Your Business

“Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” – Jay Baer Digital campaign is a new way of marketing by relying on digital media which, of course, involves the internet. In terms of media, the digital campaign strategy is definitely at the forefront. In applying it, you as business owners or as business marketers, have to…

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